Thank you to all our great sponsors


Centennial students volunteer for the first ever Adopt-a-Bookstore program.
Mar 15, 2017
The Adopt-a-Bookstore program wouldn’t be possible without Ampersand’s help
Mar 15, 2017
Big thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada for all the time, energy, and resources they've provided
Mar 13, 2017
Thank you to Penguin Random House for getting on board the AFI Road Show
Mar 09, 2017
Thank you HarperCollins Canada for giving your support to Authors for Indies every year!
Mar 09, 2017
Geist is providing copies of their magazine to participating bookstores as customer giveaways
Mar 08, 2017
SFU's The Writer's Studio donates interns to the Authors for Indies 2017 campaign!
Jan 02, 2017
The Writers Union of Canada is helping Authors for Indies get the word out to members across Canada.
Oct 10, 2016