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Janie Chang
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Author of historical fiction. Founder, funder, and main organizer of Authors for Indies. Also webmaster, help desk, mailing list and newsletter manager, blogger, lobbyist. www.janiechang.com

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A fFarewell from the AFI team, but anticipating the next chapter!
Oct 10, 2017
Two weeks have passed since Authors For Indies. Now, it’s time to answer the question on everyone’s mind – how did it go?
May 12, 2017
Monday, May 15 is the new draw date for the Kevin Sylvester print contest.
May 04, 2017
You can't help but feel proud of the way people pull together for this event.
Apr 28, 2017
We love it when authors take the initiative! Author Sonja Larsen adopts a bookstore.
Apr 24, 2017
AFI gets attention - and support! - from American boutique press Cactus Rain
Apr 20, 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. The Authors for Indies Road Show is warming up.
Apr 20, 2017
What does Kevin Sylvester's original artwork look like?
Apr 19, 2017