Hello booklovers coast to coast across Canada. Local indie bookstores are islands of light and knowledge in the communities lucky enough to still have them. [READ MORE]


On April 30, 2016, more than 600 authors volunteered as guest booksellers at independent bookstores (indies) across Canada to celebrate Authors for Indies Day. We chatted with customers, booklover to booklover, and we recommended books -- anyone's books, not necessarily ours. On April 29, 2017 we will be doing it again! 

  • What's Authors for Indies Day about? Even though this is a nationwide literary event with a big turnout of authors, Authors for Indies Day isn't about promoting authors: it's about authors promoting Canada's local independent bookstores.
  • Why are Canadian authors doing this? Indie booksellers read our books, put them on Staff Picks shelves, and on bookcases proudly labeled "Canadian Authors". They host our readings and recommend us to book clubs. They are big advocates for Canadian literature. So on Authors for Indies Day, authors give back to indies. They're essential to our communities and cultural lives -- just read what some of Canada's finest authors have to say in the blog.

Don't wait until the next Authors for Indies Day to shop at an independent bookstore. Use FIND A STORE (above) to locate one near you. 

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Do something wonderful. Shop at an independent bookstore.